Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator

Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator
Brand: Tenga
Product Code: TNH004
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Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator

Multiple randomly constructed triangles embellish its surface. Discover the firm constriction and accentuated stimulus that is hidden within the slippery glide of the polygonal faces and unexpectedly strong edges for a transcendental experience you have never felt before.

EAN 4560220551400
LENGTH 4.5 Inches
INSERTABLE 1 to 5 inches
SIZE 4.5 Inches
WASHING Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
5 ( 5 / 5 )
The 3D line was something that grabbed my attention a while back. There’s something so eye catching about their design, and about how different Tenga’s approach is to the penis masturbator. When we look at strokers, we’re usually faced with something rampantly sexual, often sleazy, and finished with either a mouth, pussy or ass to sink your dick into. That’s all fine, if that’s your thing, but palm sized body parts won’t be everyone’s idea of a spanking good time. Tenga products are different, and none more so than the 3D range. A sticker on the cylindrical display case boasts the words ‘sculpted ecstasy’, and I totally get why. The Tenga 3D Polygon does indeed look like a geometrical sculpture. A brilliant white piece of art that wouldn’t look out of place in some swanky gallery somewhere. To read the full review visit: http://www.scandarella.com/reviews/tenga-3d-polygon-masturbator/#more-5272

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